The Camera Guys services residential, business, commercial and multi-dwelling units. We have a camera system to fit small and big projects. We specialize from TVI system to IP system. With our live demo in our store, you see what you are purchasing before you purchase it. Our Tech team are license subcontractors and is called upon as needed. All security cameras and DVRS come with a 3-year warranty.

The Camera Guys LLC

The Camera Guys LLC has performed a competitive analysis of the following competitors.


Company NameBest Buy
Strengths:Strong Reputation
Weaknesses:Geek Squad is the installer for the Best Buy. Not Experts in Surveillance Cameras
Company NameADT
Strengths:Strong Reputation
Weaknesses:ADT lease their equipment with a monthly rate.
Company NameInfinity
Strengths:Major Internet Provider
Weaknesses:Infinity System is more plug and play/ Snatch and grab if criminals get in home, Inconsistent Video Feed


Nest Hello

Ring Video Pro

LTS Door Bell
Video Quality1600 x 1200 HDR1920 x 1080 P2.1 MP x 1080 P, True WDR
Field of View160 Degree160 Degree180 Degree
Night VisionYesYesYes

Nest Hello
Price$229Video Quality1600 x 1200 HDRField of View160 DegreeNight VisionYes

Ring Video Pro
Price$229Video Quality1920 x 1080 PField of View160 DegreeNight VisionYes

LTS Door Bell
Price$179Video Quality2.1 MP x 1080 P, True WDRField of View180 DegreeNight VisionYes